La Gloria Road

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  • GPX file:
  • Track Length: 16.62 miles.
  • Track Duration: 1 hr.
  • Difficulty Rating: EASY
  • Track Conditions: This is an easy track, with a few steep drop-offs on the western ascent. Moderate to heavy washboarding throughout the track on this pass (we did not notice this as much on previous passes, so this could be seasonal).
  • Recommended Vehicle: Most vehicles will be OK on this track. Not recommended in wet conditions for any vehicle.
  • Camping: There is no camping anywhere along La Gloria Road (but see the links below for one nearby option).
  • Notes: As with many of the county-maintained dirt roads, this road passes through private property and all no trespassing and no hunting signs must be obeyed.
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Experience the scenic La Gloria Road, a 16-mile route starting south of Gonzales off the US 101 freeway. You’ll drive on pavement for 5 miles before hitting a dirt road that climbs 1,800 feet in 4 miles up the west side of the Gabilan range. The dirt road continues for 7 miles through Williamson Valley and Parks Valley, ending at Highway 25.

Discover the settlement of La Gloria Valley, named after the road. La Gloria Valley sits on Chalone Road, a branch off La Gloria Road, but we didn’t visit it. Instead, we checked out the relocated and restored La Gloria School, now in San Lorenzo Park in King City.

Take caution when driving La Gloria Road. The route is steep with tight bends on a single-lane dirt track. Only drive in dry conditions and be prepared to back up for oncoming vehicles. A 4WD or AWD vehicle is recommended. The route is moderately washboarded, with the worst washboarding near the east side of the track.

Please note that there is no camping along La Gloria Road and it crosses private property. Obey all “no trespassing” signs and notices. For camping, visit the east side of the Gabilan range in Pinnacles National Park.

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