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key: paved dirt

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  • GPX file:
  • Track Length: 2.84 miles.
  • Track Duration: 32 mins.
  • Difficulty Rating: EASY
  • Track Conditions: This track has some tight turns and is fairly steep in places. The surface is uneven in places. Look out for brush and trees encroaching onto the road, especially toward the end, and expect pinstripes. Narrow in places with steep drop-offs on shelf road areas. Travel in wet conditions is not recommended.
  • Recommended Vehicle: 4WD or AWD with high clearance recommended. Trailers not recommended due to tight turns.
  • Camping: Since this is a BLM trail, camping is allowed, with opportunities for dispersed camping, and several parking spaces cut into the brush on the west side (overgrown when we visited). There are one or two ‘pull-through’ camping options.
  • Notes: This road passes through, or adjacent to, private property, and all no trespassing and no hunting signs must be obeyed.
  • Websites:
    • Williams Hill BLM (though note that there is no info about this track on the BLM site)

We return to Williams Hill and explore the Bureau of Land Management Route W15 in Lockwood California! I had spotted route W15 on maps and saw that it is technically part of the Williams Hill BLM area, but that it is not accessible from the main area without a big detour. So now my curiosity was piqued! What is this track, and is it worth visiting? We set off to find out!

Our first visit to Williams Hill is here.

For information on Williams Hill BLM National Recreation Area, including camping information for both the formal campsite and for dispersed camping, see the official BLM site in the links above. Note that this track is adjacent to, but not directly connected to the Williams Hill Recreation Area which may only be reached via a detour through Lockwood to Lockwood San Ardo Road on the west side, or via the 101 freeway and then to Lockwood San Ardo Road on the east side.

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